pasta manLucchesi’s Ravioli and Pasta Company was the product of Vince Lucchesi and his son Pat, premiering in the Memphis market in 1990. Vince and Pat grew up in a traditional Italian family, and as with all Italian families, food was the center of gatherings. These meals always featured signature recipes that have been passed down for generations, starting with grandparents who moved to America from Italy years ago.

Vince and Pat decided they wanted to showcase their family recipes and express to their Memphis community how delicious Italian food could bring people together. It was then when they opened Lucchesi’s Ravioli and Pasta Company. In the beginning, Lucchesi’s originally only had 1200 square feet of retail space to manufacture and sell pastas, sauces, and ravioli. Lucchesi’s was a hit, and after one year, they already needed to expand. They moved into the space where the store is today.

22taste t607Vince and Pat Lucchesi were in the retail business until 1999. It was that year when Michael Robilio, Michael Gabrielleschi, and Alex Canepari purchased the store. After taking ownership, Michael, Michael, and Alex wanted to grow Lucchesi’s to be an even better asset to Memphis. They introduced many new products to store, including a delicatessen, for customers to enjoy fresh sandwiches and Italian entrees. They also introduced take-n-bake pizza, the first in Memphis to do so, as well as signature imported cheeses all the way from Italy. Alice Mantia entered the Lucchesi’s scene for about a year around this time, using her knowledge to help determine which Italian products were the best fit for the store.

In 2004, Michael, Michael, and Alex bought out Pat Lucchesi, and introduced Wes Kraker to the scene. Wes became an important part of business, helping Lucchesi’s expand once again. Now, Lucchesi’s sells wholesale pasta to the Memphis restaurant market, including to stores such as Whole Foods and Ms. Cordelia’s. With Wes in the picture, more ventures are soon to come.