Extra virgin olive oil

Sometimes, Italy just does it better. That’s why we offer a great selection of “specialty products” to get you started. We’ve got everything from pastas to pizza sauce, olive juice to candy – it’s here and it’s delicious!

Some items we really love –

  • Bellino Amaretti Cookies
  • Bella Farmgalia Bruschetta
  • Frantoia Olive Oil
  • Castellana Crustini Crackers
  • Ferreara Honey Almond Nougat

Grabbing a couple different bases and dipping sauces/oils to mix and match is an easy, great tasting snack! We order our products in small batches to ensure freshness and we always keep our shelves stocked. If you have a request for a special item, feel free to talk to us about it! We’ll do what we can to see if we can reach a specific or authentic Italian product.