Traditional Italian Family Recipes

Vince and Pat Lucchesi were in the retail business until 1999. Previously in the grocery business, Michael Robilio joined the duo and it felt like the perfect fit! After taking ownership, he wanted to grow Lucchesi’s to be an even better asset to the Memphis community and began introducing many new products to the store.


Lucchesi’s has expanded product sales to businesses like Ms. Cordelia’s and Whole Foods.


Vince & Pat Lucchesi premier their store in the Memphis market.


Store grows from product sales to having a delicatessen and take-and-bake meals.

“It’s been this way for years.”

Keeping a solid reputation as one of the best providers of meat, cheese, bread, and other authentically Italian products has been a very important strategy in expanding our business ventures. We never settle for less than best quality, and you can actually taste the difference in our food. You can even see it in the customer service – come into the store some day and enjoy a memorable and delicious meal with friendly faces around to answer any questions you have about our products.

From Our Customers

Tom Sorrentino

The aromas take me back to my childhood. They carry many products you can't find anywhere else in Memphis. Good food and wonderful staff.

Callie Ann Bobo-Oliver

This place is awesome. The Tuscan chicken/artichoke sandwich from the deli is amazing. Homemade sweet picles are a perfect suprise and the pastas are fresh and delightful. If you have not tried it you need to treat yourself. The desserts are sinfully delicious as well. Good for a dieter, one piece at a time.

Dana Beech

My wife's mother recently passed away. Our friends brought over an incredibly delicious meal of lasagna, chicken alfredo and Italian spinach from Lucchesi's. It was definitely just what we needed and the family sized portions let us share our meal with our friends. Thank you for making such amazing food - I'll definitely pay it forward.

Angel Benson

My family loves the food. Customer service is great.